Huge tree for every backyard in south-west growth area under new plan

By Australian Garden Council on November 29, 2020 in | comments

Every residential space in the major South-West growth area in Sydney will be required to have a minimum of one five metre high tree in the front yard and one eight metre high tree in the backyard. This is a part of the the NSW government's target to have at least 40% tree cover in the Wilton precincts south of Campbelltown, under a plan that aims to strengthen the climate resilience of plants and animals in the region, which is also home to a koala population.

Tree physiologist, Dr. Sebastian Pfautsch from the School of Social Sciences in Western Sydney University, had stated that the need for large trees in the front and back gardens would promote cooling, social cooperation and improvement of mental health. "It's providing an urban landscape that is transformed but is not violated," Dr Pfautsch had said. "You’re not living in a concrete or tin desert, but in a modern suburb that has more green space to offer."

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